Wild Blue prides itself in curating a clothing line with the message of female empowerment, confidence, and authenticity. Our next step was to find the perfect brand ambassador that embodies these ideals: Cue Sadie Robertson, teen sensation and reality TV starlet. Sadie is not your average teenager. At the tender age of 18, Sadie has already starred in her family’s A&E series, Duck Dynasty, was Season 19 runner up on Dancing with the Stars, and tours the country spreading the word to her millions of young fans on what it means to “live original.” Sadie’s All American Girl charm, motivational work ethic, and most of all her genuineness, are just a few of the reasons Sadie is the quintessential embodiment of the Wild Blue girl. Sadie is an aspiring fashionista, and her love for denim shines through with her innovative ideas and collaborative efforts with Wild Blue. Our goals work in tandem: Sadie and Wild Blue aim to inspire young girls to be their true selves, to be confident in their own skin and style, and to live an original life.

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